Notre mission

To offer private and public companies the services needed to ensure the full efficiency of all activities pertaining to the management of human resources.

By investing our expertise in any given mandate, we promise our clients that:

  • The initial objectives of the mandate will be achieved
  • They will possess efficient tools for pursuing the intervention themselves
  • They will be able to measure the impact of the intervention
  • They will notice a significant improvement in their corporate performance.

All our interventions are based on the following values:
  • Confidentiality:

  • When doing business with JG Duchaine Consulting, our customers can be sure that all the persons involved in the mandate shall acquaint only with information useful to this purpose and that all the information that they will come in contact with will be treated with the strictest confidentiality.
  • Integrity:

  • Before presenting an offer of services, JG Duchaine Consulting makes sure that each proposal takes into account the needs of the customer and that the firm is given the required resources and competencies to successfully lead the mandate, thereby guaranteeing an end-product of very high quality product and in no way misleading.
  • Creativity:

  • Since every situation is unique in itself, must be analyzed with an open-minded approach and by taking into account all relevant paradigms, our firm strongly believes that any mandate requires lots of creativity from everyone involved.
  • Respect:

  • We approach all the mandates as if we were serving ourselves and work on them with the complete respect for the legitimate values of our customer.
When choosing specialists and partners, JG Duchaine Consulting makes sure that everyone assigned to a mandate adhere to these values.

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